The Benefits Of Squats For Fitness

Squatting as part of a workout is one of the most powerful ways for boosting fitness overall as your personal trainer will advise you. It not only helps you to get faster results, but it is also a simple exercise to perform requiring no equipment etc. and it can be done anywhere. 

Another benefit is that squatting helps the whole body including your core.

Functional exercise

Compared to exercising with gym equipment, squatting known as a ‘functional’ exercise in Europe and around the world helps the body to cope with activities you encounter in real life.

By performing squats you are able to build up your muscles which then work in a more efficient manner, promoting balance and mobility. Thus your body is then able to move around in a more efficient manner.

Improves muscles in the entire body

Muscles that benefit from squats include the calves, quadriceps and hamstrings. Squats also are able to create an anabolic set up in the body which helps with building muscles body-wide.

Most CIII and CIV personal training certifications will cover how perform a squat correctly, but few really understand it’s true benefits!

Squats are intense exercises which help to release testosterone and hormones in the body both of which are important for muscle growth. Any personal trainer will advise you that doing squats helps to improve body strength, both lower and upper.

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