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How To Become A Certified Personal Trainer

Keys to Being a Successful Personal Trainer

Personal training has become an extremely viable profession these days with good money to be made if you plan your career wisely. This is hardly surprising given the fact that people these days are more than willing to shell out dollars in order to stay fit and healthy.

However, just completing all your personal trainer courses is not a guarantee for becoming a successful personal trainer. You need to do more so that you can build a loyal customer base and also rope in new clients regularly. Be sure to check out about how to become a CIIV and CIV Certified Personal Trainer.

Understand your Clients Better
One of the hallmarks of a good trainer is that she will make an effort to know more about each client than what is required. You should have a flexible approach with regard to how you train and connect to your clients.

Personal training always requires you to create a ‘personal’ bond (within professional limits; of course!) with your client so that each of them feels special, cared for and absolutely confident about relying on you for their health and well being. After completing your personal trainer courses, do not start your personal training career with preset notions, rather; evolve as you move on while staying true to your profession.

Stay in Tune with Clients’ Awareness
With knowledge at fingertips, clients these days are very aware of what is going on in the fitness industry globally. They will ask a lot of questions and expect an honest answer that will assuage their doubts and reconfirm their belief in your expertise and competence.

Polish your knowledge regularly by reading up a lot of articles both online and offline. What you learn during your personal trainer courses is never enough to sustain success in the long run.

Stay connected with peers to crosscheck on emerging trends so you know exactly which trend is likely to last and will be beneficial to your clients. Be ready to address issues and clear misinformation right on spot.

Assign Tasks for Home
Most clients work out twice or thrice a week. Stay connected on their off days by assigning tasks to do at home. It can be something like updating their diet journal ever day which you can then discuss over when they come to train. Or some simple workouts like maintaining a correct posture; easy breathing exercises to do every morning or to drink enough liquid throughout the day.
These little ‘extras’ convey the message that you really care about your client’s overall well being and not just physical fitness. You may be interested in kettlebell qualification.

Renew Cold Calls
It is vitally important for you to maintain a client database both for those who have signed up and also those who didn’t. You are likely to have come across people who showed initial interest but did not sign up eventually. Call them up and inform them of any new additions in your service or offers on course fees or newer curriculum. You never know but some of them may actually sign up this time if they find what they are looking for.

Also renew your acquaintance with former clients by sending them messages, mails or leaflets from time to time.

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